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About Us

Credit Uganda Tours is a local Ugandan company founded by professional and experienced members of the tourism industry. We are committed to diversity, social responsibility and community engagement while executing our services.Credit   Uganda  Tours, assist the clients to understand how well the destination will fit his or her needs of travel to that destination so that the clients gets the most out of every day and location to maximise wild life watching experience. Credit Uganda Tours is for Sustainable and Eco tourism practices.We offer tailor made adventure trips; hiking,rafting and trekking into remote areas, camping in the wilderness and experiencing local culture.Credit Uganda Tours answers questions like looking for dream holiday, superb safari experience, nature holiday or the taste of summer,vacation in Africa/Uganda, perfect Eco tourism. The management of Credit Uganda Tours is led by Moses.Nyiro.Mudhabangula with awide experience in tourism industry.


Understanding the needs of the travellers and exceeding their expectations.


-       Primate safaris Uganda and Rwanda

-       Primate and game viewing safaris Uganda and Rwanda

-       Cultural and Rural setting tours

-       Education tours

-       Religious tours

-       Volcano climbing

-       Mountaineering safaris

-       Adventure safaris

-       Volunteering

-       Cars   hire services.

-       Bird watching

-       Special interest groups and barrier free

-       Filming  safari

-       Youth hot sport holiday

-       Hand crafts  and textile tour

-       Biking tours



-       Relaxation experience for clients seeking to rest and renewal or get away from it all like sun and sand holiday.

-       Attraction experience to particular destination which many clients fill they must experience in life like Gorilla trekking in the Virunga ranges.

-       Spiritual experience to destinations with historical spiritual attractions like the Namugongo shrines for the Uganda martyrs, Luwum   trail, Bishop Hannington.

-       Nature based experience here the clients view wild life in close proximity like the nature walk   in   Lake   Mburo national park.

-       Participation  Event   experience this where visitors  seeking to participate actively in the event or watch friends perform an example is children festivals, musical festivals, soccer festival, experiential tourism

-       Family travel experience here we organise special tours to take care of every family member s   needs   especially the young ones and the old.

-       Educational or learning experience here  we  do  organise  tour  for travellers with the desire to understand in depth a  bout the destination ,  special culture and characteristics and to broaden their understanding.

-       Understanding the real world  experience  for  travellers  who  want  use local facilities like local transport, local food   and local accommodation which provide memorable life time experience.

-       Volunteer Experience here we offer service based experience which is interactive with the host community, like poverty alleviation, restoring the environment, build schools and churches. We also offer wild life volunteer experience.